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Trust Photobomb Rentals for Top-of-the-Line Party Rentals, Photo booth, and Event rentals in Auburn, NY

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For the best party rentals for wedding, birthdays, anniversary, and corporate events contact Photobomb Rentals who can assist you with your event. In the Auburn area. Contact us for any of the services listed below.

Whether you want a photo booth for a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, corporate, graduation or prom, Photobomb Rentals is the place to call. Our rentals are the best in Auburn, NY. Let us help make some memories together whether it's Emerson Park Pavilion or the Hilton Garden Inn, we go all over Auburn, NY

360 Photo Booth, available for rental right here in Auburn, NY! Perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events, and more, this innovative booth takes capturing memories to a whole new dimension. How does it work? Your guests step onto the platform inside the booth, and the magic begins. The camera array starts capturing a series of photos as the platform rotates, capturing every angle of the scene. The result? A stunning, dynamic 360-degree photo that encapsulates the entire environment. It's not just a photo; it's an experience!

Make your events sparkle with our mesmerizing Cold Sparkler rental! 🌟 This cutting-edge entertainment marvel is designed to elevate any occasion and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our Cold Sparkler Fountain emits captivating cold sparks that mimic the brilliance of traditional fireworks without the associated risks. The sparks are cold and non-flammable, ensuring a safe and enchanting display for both indoor and outdoor events.

Introducing our Audio Guest Book Rental – a unique and memorable way to capture the voices and sentiments of your guests at events in Auburn, NY. Perfect for weddings, milestone celebrations, and corporate gatherings, this innovative rental service takes the traditional guest book to a whole new level.
Here's how it works: Guests step up to the kiosk, equipped with high-quality microphones and user-friendly interfaces. They can leave personalized audio messages, recounting special memories, offering advice, or simply sending their warm regards. The process is intuitive and engaging, ensuring that even the most tech-challenged guests can participate effortlessly.

334545153_718561566405382_1990896329979249886_n (2).jpg

360 Photo booth

365659177_768906885243889_2947406268836822865_n (1).jpg

Photo Booth


Audio Guest 


Digital Photo Booth


See What Our Customers Say About Our Service

Amazing! Calvin was prompt, set up early, and was a complete professional. The pictures all came out great, and quickly! The library of digital copies of all photos was icing on the cake.

They were amazing!! At this event they are so kind and so personable. I will recommend them to everyone I know that is hosting big events!

Calvin was absolutely amazing! Very professional. Pictures came out amazing. I highly recommend. I will definitely hire again.

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